Repair & modification like as;

  • Fabricate & installed Module
  • Conversion & modification vessel hull work according to drawing
  • Fabricate & installed all type of Out-fitting work
  • Fabricate & Erection all type of Blocks

Fabrication and Installation works of

  • Deck, bottom & Side shell plates, Modification, Repairs, tank internals
  • Crop & renewed all type cargo oil tanks Internals
  • Fabricate & installed all type of Out-fitting works
  • Fabricate & install all type of stairs ladder, foundation and motor seating
  • Floating production storage and offloading conversion vessels and etc...

Structural Fabrication

APS carry out the heavy steel fabrication as ship's hull fabrication and ship's structure fabrication and ship's tank compartments fabrication. But also provide warehouse fabrication. We also carry out light steel work as outfitting fabrication. For example, of equipment foundation fabrication, hand rail, staircase, cage ladder and hatch coaming.

Module Fabrication

The module is included of the structure like girder of the platform, walkway with platform, equipment foundation hand rail, cage ladder, piping works and also pipe supports.

Piping Systems

Piping system work included of fabrication, restoration and installation works for all types of pipes materials and systems on-board the vessel or oil rig. But also provide Factory, Beverage piping system. The piping works including piping fabrication for FPSO turrets.